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A Tale of Taxol - by Frank Stephenson

To Cancer victims the world over, the name has become synanymous with "hope." In the pharmaceutical world, "Taxol" is synonymous with "blockbuster." Forty years ago this summer, the drug took its first step away from becomingan unknown compound buried in the bark of an obscure, commercially worthless tree to becoming the biggest-selling cancer-fighting medicine the world has ever seen. The long, implausible trail of Taxol swept through Tallahassee in a big way, and the future of cancer treatment - and FSU - Changed forever

Arcanaland - by James Call

A measure of any good research libary is what lies in its special collections. Here's a glimpse at what's unusually special at FSU.

The FSU Special Collections, Strozier Library Image collection

Freedom's Measuring Stick -by James Call

Is it possible to take the economic temperature of a given country and diagnose what ails it? One FSU economist thinks so, and his prescriptions for sick nations are all about "free".

Abstracts - Periscope on Campus Life and Research.

Portrait - Spotlight on Faculty.