Cover Illustration:
Peter Mamatey

Florida's Mercury Menace - Since 1989, Floridians have known that poisonous mercury lurks in the fish they eat from state waters. Until this FSU-led study, where the stuff comes from has been a mystery.

Leisure Illiteracy - Frazzled? Burned out? Too much work, not enough play? You're among many who need to fight leisure illiteracy.

Dance Classics - Free-wheeling themes from the Roaring Twenties are preserved in this rare collection of zany dancin' duds.

The Day Hitler Blinked - All but lost to history is this unlikely story of German women who stared down Hitler's thugs to save their Jewish husbands.

Miami Minorities & AIDS - Dade County may lead the nation in AIDS deaths and HIV infection among minorities and women. FSU's help can't come soon enough

Rocket Man - FSU's Norm Thagard (BA '65; MA '66) talks about his time on Mir, America's future in space and life after NASA.

  Abstracts - Periscope on Campus Life and Research.

  Reviews - Recent works by Florida State University Faculty.

  Portrait - Spotlight on Faculty