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The Great Darwin Divide - Fundamentally, Christians and Darwinists may have more in common than they know. Or willing to admit.

by Andy Lindstrom and Frank Stephenson

Slavery's Police - The history of slavery in the U.S. is a history of heavily armed white men on horseback.

Of Mice & Magnets - It very well could be the strangest form of radiation on earth. And the well of mystery around magnetism just got a bit deeper.

A chat with Jim O'Brien - For more than three decades, his business has been the world's climate. These days, his business is a lot closer to home.

  Abstracts - Periscope on Campus Life and Research.

  Reviews - Recent works by Florida State University Faculty.

  Sketches - Short takes on the world of Art and Letters at Florida State.

  Portrait - Spotlight on Faculty.