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More Careers in Music
More Careers in Music

A new door to some highly specialized careers in music swung open at Florida State this fall.

Last spring, the university's board of trustees approved a new master of arts in music, complementing the College of Music's diverse offerings in graduate training.

The new degree program will give students opportunities to specialize in commercial music, sacred music and—rarest of all—piano technology. The discipline addresses all aspects of restoring pianos to their original condition, a challenge that requires acute knowledge of the instruments' history and the materials used to make them. FSU is now the only university in the country to offer graduate training in piano technology, said the director for the new program Anne Garee.

For decades, a shortage of more—and more academically attuned-piano specialists has been recognized as a worldwide phenomenon, Garee said. "We've designed this program to take the best primary training in piano technology now available anywhere and take it to the next professional level," she said. —F.S.

For more about the new master of arts program in music, visit www.music.fsu.edu/academic.htm