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Zzzzzap! Pow! Boom! - by Frank Stephenson

Florida's economy gets a lot more traction from the nickname "Sunshine State" than the state's less-advertised—yet nonetheless true—distinction as "the lightning capital" of the country. All this fire from the sky presents a supreme challenge to forecasters—and a constant headache for power companies......

Tough Love for Florida? - by Ted Jackovics

Despite soaring housing and gasoline prices, plus two consecutive years of being clobbered by hurricanes, Florida's economy is red hot. Lawmakers greeted a staggering $3 billion surplus in state coffers when they convened in Tallahassee this spring. Can anything put the brakes on this economic steam engine?.....

Encore of a Dance Diva -by Ellen Ashdown

A superstar at 16, Suzanne Farrell still commands her own stage, an icon for a generation of ballet lovers—and a dream-come-true for some lucky students .......

Paper Promise -by Don Wood

A revolutionary material known as "buckypaper"—developed in the early 1990s—is closer than ever to escaping the labs of nanotechnology for a long-awaited debut in the marketplace.........

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