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FilmTown, Florida - by Steve MacQueen

It only makes sense for a place with enough pizazz, sunshine and scenery to stun the senses. Florida is building on a long tradition in the film biz, and a path to prominence is now playing a starring role in Tallahassee.

Last Rights - by James Call

Floridians spending their final days in the state now have it better than many Americans in their twilight years, thanks to a set of compassionate laws crafted by an FSU-led panel.

Second Chance for a Forest -by Frank Stephenson and Bruce Ritchie

Whatever happened to the longleaf forests of yesteryear, and why should anyone care? The plight of an endangered bird may hold the key to saving what remains of yet another marvelous piece of nature from extinction.

A Human Step -by Patrick Smith

In growing number of places around the globe, the phrase "human rights" has become a cynical joke. A new center offers students a glimpse at the scary popularity of man's inhumanity to man.

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