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Cover Illustration:
Robert Celander

Sho' Like to Ball - by Steve MacQueen

David Kirby writes as though life were a whimsical dress rehearsal for the real thing. His zany approach to his art appeals to brows high and low, scratching itches common to the human psyche.

The Rocky Road to E-Retail - by Parker Neils

By the time you read this, you may be a new—and happy—convert to the world of buying online. Or not....

Glass Act -by Don Wood

Prussian Blue is not a Wagnerian opera, but it is from the Old World. An FSU chemist has used this beautiful purple dye to magnetic effect....

The Why of it All -by Robert Pool

In the U.S. suicide rates are in decline from historic highs during the turbulent days of the Depression. Still, each year more than 30,000 Americans stun their friends and relatives by taking their own lives. Why they do is a question few researchers have the courage to tackle.

Sounds of Place -by Andy Lindstrom

As Vienna's Johann Strauss Jr. had his Danube River to inspire his best known work, so have American composers let their environments guide their muse.

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