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The Nazi Voices of Nuremberg - by Frank Stephenson

As they sat in cells awaiting their fates in 1946, some of the arch-criminals of the Third Reich—surrogates for Hitler, Himmler, Bormann and other dead architects of Nazi terror—talked at length with a prison psychiatrist. For the first time in 60 years, their pathetic words are now heard......

On the TB Trail - by Don Wood

Once again, the scourge of tuberculosis is making news worldwide as the disease shrugs off antibiotics and advances its deadly business. The path to better drugs starts with solving the riddle of the bacterium's amazingly complex cell wall.....

Cool Change -by Robert Pool

How the human brain evolved is a story that literally dances through time, place and temperature. When some lucky apes learned to deal with the heat, they finally got smart.......

Battlefield Florida -by Julian Pecquet

Is the 2000 presidential election truly a dead issue? Or does it represent the most sinister evidence yet that something has gone fatally wrong in American democracy?.........

The Fourth "R" -by Christine Suh

A national call for better undergraduate education is leading many college students to a surprising extracurricular activity these days.......

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